How does the old mythical weapons hold against new weapons?

Ever felt like you went in a time skip?

Back in the days, you got the most powerful weapons around… but with technology development, it became obsolete. What used to be the strongest, is now antique.

That’s how I see things went…

So, the question is - where do our old mythical weapons stand against the new weapons?

It would be nice to see some numbers and comparisons. But the biggest problem here is that our weapons are locked for upgrade.

It’s like no one else is left who knows how to fix/tinker with our old weapons. It’s ancient technology… Heh.

The big problem for this discussion, though, is the clear lack of inventory list. Can we please have a top tier weapon list again? So we can know what to hope to get and build? (probably not for this thread — )

Anyway, how does your old mythical hold up in PvP battles?

I don’t have fully upgraded weapons, and so far, I have been beaten by legendary (?) level builds…

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Simple answer to the topic: It doesn’t.



The new myths give about 900-1200 hp when maxed, I think. As for weapons, 150-250 seems to be the case for legendaries and for myths, 250-500 dmg. When it comes to legs, I have no idea, probably 500 hp and 200 dmg for myths.

I really like the new changes but !!! I have also invested a ton of time and money into the game.
The major issue I am having is I can not even upgrade the items I have with the amount of gold I have.
I will not have time to earn the gold in the next 30 days.
SO what then ???
It is a simple issue of math.
I do not have the gold to take all my old items and use them to upgrade new items.
I do not have the time to get the new items that would be worth up-grading.
I have played this fame for over 3 years , maybe way longer and I have a ton of items.
For me it is not really even a option of want too. Because I would love to work up a new mech.
It is a mater of time. I do not have the time so my only option will be to spend money for tokens and gold.
That is not right . I can not speak for everyone but I can speak for a group of people who have spent hundreds of dollars to support this game . You have given us no option but to spend more money . Do the math . No one who has over 1000 items has the gold to upgrade the items they have and get new items without spending money.
Now this is just bad business , At the least you need to let people upgrade items for free with the existing items they have.
It would be nice to be able to trade in a myth for a role at a new item.

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No need for this topic - just play the game and you’ll have your answer in 2 seconds…

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ok so lets say you had a “mythical” that did 200 dmg and 200 energy/heat dmg…now there’s a “legendary” dealing upto 600 dmg and over 100+ energy/heat dmg

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oh, i “found out” alright… rolled tissue paper would probably do more damage than the old mythicals.

Like I said… ancient technology.

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I believe they should boost the powerf of old mythicals so they match the power of the new ones. And allow us to boost them as well. Even the legs and torsos

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