How does repulsor work with Flaming Scope?


Repulsor works for range 4, not 5. If it does 3 knockback, meaning that you need to walk back, therefore wasting your turn, and setting yourself up for one of the many deadly close range weapons


Yep,it pretty useless in that combo…Works better with range 3-6 weapons like CR,UB,DB,MB (and so) and also with Desolation (range 4-8) for an energy-free mech/combo.
Even so…There are other weapons that push (not as much) but deal damage…The damage is it’s killer problem,for you pretty much waste a turn to use that…Sure,it’s energy-free and has very light weight for a side weapon,but I’d say a solid no to it.
Had it on a heat build and later on my energy.Concluded it’s a waste of space in the end.
Well,it depends on what kind of build/strategy you use,sure thing…But,at least for me,that thing ain’t as bright…


wait… I don’t understand. CR??? CL is Corrupt light… UB? DB? Dawnblaze??? and what is MB??? Malice Beam


I’d rather wait until I get my opponent to the corner of the map (in one way or another and then teleport (or just fall back) and use the FS.
Anyways,FS isn’t necessarily there to be used.It pretty much forces your opponent to stay close so that they don’t take the killer shot.
I think it works better with medium/closer range weapons than with a push,because it offers you a range advantage over your opponent.


Corrupt Light
Dawn Blaze
Malice Beam
Ultra Bright
also with the other medium-long range weapons that deal some elemental damage (for it’s pretty useless combined with physical stuff)


Repulsor is very popular used with desolations when heat mechs are energy broken by energy mechs.


Yeah,that’s what I said,but more specific…

Sometimes I get the idea that I’m wasting the time I put into thinking and writing my posts…Looks like they never get taken seriously…Why do I still do this,anyways?


You’ll probably never know. Same reason I do maybe?

I take your posts seriously though, just saying! I definitely prefer the well thought out stuff here.


Blow back(old weapon) is good for flaming scope, 1-3 range 5 knockback, 3+5=8range


Question: “How does Repulsor work with Flaming Scope?”

Answer: It doesn’t


I think ub stands for ultrabright,the energy counterpart of dawnblaze


You are right, Flux. The only item that works with FS is the teleporter. First you corner the enemy, and then boom, teleport to the opposite end and kaboom… and you shutdown yourself…