How does one make a major electric build?


I am newish to supermechs and i am trying to make a major electric, could anyone give me some tips?


this one is my major electrik bunneh

no grap only double teleport, and now it has 90% of wins.
i take out the nova for one pull because ot the DS pushers and works pretty well.
if you dont have those weapons… you can try with the legendary drainer (energy disolver mark II), big blue blast, call of lighting or energy penetrator mark I or II to make one mid-long range drainer.


okay thank you Namy :grinning:


walkome :raising_hand:


how often will i get those legs tho


i mean what is the chance i will get them?


the chance now is… 1/127*15%.
1 on 127 miths * 15 on goldboxes / 5 cards= 4.23% if you buy one gold box.
1 on 127 / 1 card (on mith box) = 1.27% if you buy one mith box.
1 on 127 / 3 cards (on big myth box) = 4.23% if you buy one big box.

so, if you buy them on 2x hotsale, those % are doubled…

and of course you can get it from normal boxes too:
-1% to get on normal boxes 1 random myth, give you = 0.04233333% to get it for free.

if dont like maths, the quick answer is: you need loot of lucky.


i really like maths and i can see i will need lots of luck, but thank you


yep, will be more fast get this before that legs P_P yeh i got 3 and i didnt use them…


20 character


P_P i remember, i got 4… the other is on this


that is so unlucky
how many mythicals do you have?


137 on my main acc…

  • 8 torsos
  • 7 legs
  • 31 side weapons
  • 30 top weapons
  • 15 specials
  • 46 modules
    all for free :blush:


wow i have 40 exactly


the number of myths actually is just a number, because of 137 i only use for 3 mechs:

  • 3 torsos (hellfire, usa mark and electrone)
  • 2 legs (usa ones and energy ones)
  • 1 piercing shotgun, 2 firewall, 1 coldfire
  • 1 ultranova
  • 3 drones (evil rock & flame and shocking)
  • lighting gate
  • and 12 modules.

so of 137 only 23 are usefull to me.


30 of mine are useful to me
3 torsos (god mode, hellfire and ultraspade)
2 legs (rino boots, steel tractors)
2 lightning hammers
2 death punch mark 1 and 2
1 lava spray mark 2
1 plasma hammer
1 mass deflector
1 electro cop
1 electric discharger
1 ultranova
1 evil rock
1 fire tail
1 flame biter
and 12 modules


usefull to have 3 good mech, one phys one heat and one energy.


yes i have 1 energy 1 physical but am working on heat


if you are on, we can fight, im on general english chat.


okay i will set it up