How do you win the boss in frozen abyss



Upgrade your corrupt light to legendary max atleast, just 1 is quite capable to carry you further in campaign n it can beat big boy normal mode boss too.

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such a poor soul , hasnt witnessed top ranks and BB :’(

How about upgrading legs and torso to max?

just aim the molotov’s energy this will end him

upgrade weapons

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the torso goes to myth as well as the legs

If you are getting heated get heat modules or like @oliboy23 said upgrade weapons

but i only have 1 legendary

so just max the rest out epic and you should be fine

i am on right now!!!

inspect molotov status, which is lower, his cooling or his energy regeneration, then focus at the weakest spot, upgrading your weapon is another choice but it will take some effort and time, and i think you should choose how will you fight, take enemy close, or fight at long range, your weapon combination isn’t to effective, change one of your side weapon to a weapon that deal heat with a longer range if you want to keep your current build, your heat capacity is fine but with molotov mounted with 2 flamethrower weapon i think you should keep your distance