How do you use Kits?

I’m still kinda new to SM, idk how to use kits.
Can they be equipped or something? :confused:

Kits are used in fussion. They improve and lvl up other items from your inventory.

and how do you do that?

Mythical power kits? Why they don’t exist?

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:3 how do people put them to use?

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So all your items are level 1…?

You screenshoted the fusion menu (a.k.a. “Upgrade” in-game)…:slight_smile:

So instead of clicking on the kit first, choose the item you want to improve, then choose items you want to scrap in order to make the one you choosed more powerful by increasing it’s level :slight_smile:

Power Kits are just items to scrap giving a high amount of power to an item :slight_smile:

A power kit is an item you feel suicidal for getting as a legendary because it is useless


So, here is the upgrade menu (I’ll upgrade my Cooling Booster in the exemple)

Then here the CB is ready to be upgraded

Here I choosed a rare Corrupt Light as material, but Power Kit works too (It’s the only use for it, maybe with material for item transformation, but that’s another topic…:slight_smile:)

Then presse the “Boost” button to increase the power and maybe the level of the item, BY PAYING GOLD IN THE PROCESS :slight_smile:


what made you think that?
I’ve got some stuffs. :3

I see… thank you very much for the detailed explanation. ^^

np :slight_smile: 20 characters… X.X

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Kits… you send them to school so that they can become a proper part of society.

… no, wait. Those were kids…
Kits on the other hand are just a useless creation of TacticSoft without any justification to exist.
But removing or altering their existence (e.g. that kits would not count to inventory) would be TacticSoft admitting to have made a plunder with the creation of the kits.
So that is never gonna happen as TacticSoft will never admit to have made such a mistake.


uh… okay then?
odd. :3

yes they are worse than pointless, the only thing to do with Power Kit is to directly use it to boost some useful item. They are lower boost value than any other item (because they don’t have a “type” and therefore provide no extra boost - example boost phys with phys you get extra, boost leg with leg etc.)

It is never worth boosting a Power Kit.

The “bonus” on the back of the card should be removed at least!

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