How do you transform items?

I’m playing through miniclip. I have a maxed epic item. I don’t see any option to transform it though. I am level 21.

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at level 30 it is transformed by means of 4 peaks, and for mythic a legend 5, sm is not very intuitive that is true


This should be in supermechs, not battledawn

Not all weapons can get past epic. If you click on the weapon, whatever it is, you will see something like this:29
See those colored circles next to transform range? Those tell you all the rarities the weapon is available at.
grey for common, blue for rare, purple for epic, yellow for legendary, and orange for mythical.

What is the name of your weapon? If you can’t transform it, it might not be able to reach any rarity higher than epic.
If it can, however, simply upgrade it the same way you would boost an item and it will give you the option to transform


AHHH. Got it thanks! its only able to be epic!!

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What item was it, out of curiosity?

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