How do you put badges as your title?


I only get reader, editor, and autobiographer. Recently, I got Out of Love, but I can’t put it as my title


Only some badges can be used. Some are also custom as moderators can change them.


you mean like auto playsters?


and are moderators lvl 3 trust? lvl one is beginner, lvl 2 is member, lvl 3 is regular, and lvl 4 is leader. What part of that is moderator?


its separate to the trust levels however all moderators are level 4 currently. If you want to find out more about the forum i suggest googling discourse forum :slight_smile:


Ok, how long does it take for me to be a lvl 4? I wish there was some ExP bar, it’s been ages since I reached lvl 3


what about the one carter has? XD


You can’t :exclamation:



Seriously??? I really wanted to have fun deleting some posts :frowning:


I cannot put some of mine as titles either


It’s actually auto play testers :stuck_out_tongue:


you gotta be a hot girl, most people who play these games aren’t


(sike I got no idea how it got there tbh but I don’t mind it)


1-3 are based on your activity on the forum. Only admins/devs are able to make someone a level 4 manually and it can not be earned automatically


One of the many reasons they didnt make level 4 attainable to randoms


i was autoplay tester and had alot of badges but i forgot the username of that forum id ;(


try @Aador :slightly_smiling_face:


i love you
u gave me an idea that aador ,can be my 2nd gmail id which is not in use from a while