How do you people like me, 0-10?


Okay, I was wondering how you people like me, after a couple of months. Please share your feelings about me and how I can improve. However, also add a positive comment if you say something negative. Thanks.

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Why is my average rating 2.67?


It’s about you in general ?
Your personnality ?
Etc ?


Yes. That’s it. Simple.


I changed the category, since this discussion isn’t SM-related ^^ (tag and ask me if you want me to change it back, but give a sufficient reason with it ^^)

And I personnaly won’t vote, I don’t like those kind of things ^^


That explains it… :thinking:


By “kind of things”, I mean “rate my personnality”…

At the limit, “how can I improve my temper ?” or “give your opinion on me by stating sentences” can pass, but the rating is not a good indicator in my opinion ^^


Lmao now is 2.00


And now it is 0.5!




This is England! We use Hs here!


Now it’s 0.4 for some reason.


It is the same thing


I voted 0 cause you made people hate me before :v


No need to share your opinion, keep it to yourself…there was no need for that comment, it just makes him feel bad…


Ok 1,53 now :v


!,37 now :vvv
Even worse :v


1 like to help you feel better :smiley:
A little bit curious how to make that average poil?


When did I make people hate u?


The nerf Nightfall and buff some others argument…
Of course you’re still a good person.