How do you like this new torso here it is


wait then you would need to stack up on energy mods to survive energy mech drainers


You can hang energi engin 7 pieces and 1 max protector armor and you will have a cool 300 and energy with the recovery of the weight of the torso allows


whats the max myth stats?


Hey @Virus_SLIP2310_Virus, I love your torso, I just think it needs some tweaks on the stats. It cannot have that much cooling, with other mechs having an extra 200 from modules, it would make heat mechs basically unshutdownable (i made up the word). Maybe it could have 140 to 160? and some energy at least. 300 heat storage is reasonable. You could add more to that


Maybe have either more HP, or more resistance. It looks funky but it’s a good idea.


Looks pretty good, not like it was hit by a face shocker.


Here I wrote a max myth! Statistics of such a fur is unique there are no such! I can only reduce but the torso will be without energy otherwise the bolans will be lost


he has no energy because of this and such cooling and a bunch of new tactics will appear thanks to this I can reduce by 50 it seems to me that this will be enough)


I like your answer)but I would like to make this torso for heat because the energy is useless how much it would not be used it would be removed from you and the balance is very difficult to find, so almost everything is warm, especially here you can still think and can add or remove something let’s say cool remove all resistance and increase hp


What I meant was that with that torso heat mechs would get too good and energy mechs would probably get shut out because players would start using two heat bombs or something, and that torso would be broken, and actually, zark would probably be replaced sort of because energy mechs would start using it. The torso is just too good. Again though, I like the design


Lol… :bb

I see
so…this torso can only be use by triple magma user


hi virus, very nice torso ,
it makes think cushion archimonde

stat :
a little more than the one archimonde.


Well, some players already use 2 heat bombs and in the top everything with magma blasts is exactly the same as they cannot be defeated, energy goes without energy and stores heat because they can be overheated physicists are looking for a weapon that doesn’t require anything heat and armor shields with lives this torso will relieve the situation for physicists and power engineers a little for those with magmas, they just leave everything as it is or will become even stronger in general will be a lot of new thanks to this torso


agree many tactics will appear thanks to him + low weight allows you to fasten a lot of weapons! The powerpump weighs 70 kg and with this torso you can wake him up Твой клан хорош =) Я игрок 2-1 ранга, я вижу недостатки, которые теперь есть в мехах - самый большой дисбаланс в игре! Это ключ к решению!
Я ~ Г.И.Е.Н.А. ~


What i’m saying is, this torso is wayyyyy to overpowered. If you give it that much cooling, it would be the best torso in the game. At the minimum you would have to severely decrease it’s maxed myth health to like 700.


he has no armor, no energy, I’m sucking it up to 1200 is max, but not lower, otherwise it will be the worst torso in the game + with him you can go on a crazy company


Okay, but you need to nerf cooling to AT MINIMUM around 250


ready changed 250 =)))))))))))


Alright, its a lot better now