How do you feel about this?

Henlo now as you can see…i want to see how do u feel about Dora geting killed.

Pls tell me how do u feel thx

russian how to basic without eggs


We are not invited…

But still how do you feel?

that cartoon scare me

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You’re welcome.

20 bstrds

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i heard that they make she look like a syndrom down kid

K…now pls i want to cry about this vid.

Crying bcz laughing wtf did you thinked?

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I was expecting you to do something like that

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Only coward’s cry…

Oh wait i am coward lol.

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You are such a meanie !!! You Killed Dora :cry:

Now Swiper :fox_face: is going to Snipe everything!! Who’s going to stop him :sob:

Uh…no lol i did not killed him…
But there is the only one who can…



ur dead allredy lmfao

Wait i…hate this but, i don’t want to roleplay alright.

Sorry but go to German chat and have fun.


Or get back to roclock lol


No i can’t see the time.
Pls i am blind.

Also tell me how do you feel

Lmao nice video


Yeh i found this crap amaizing.

I also just realised that he has ak47…

Arabian’s will invade Spain one day.

Well…I felt kinda satisfied when her head blew up to little pieces,spreading everywhere :>

(deep breather)
(unsheates SeparhBlade and points it at your pity little head)

I can posses you with my shadow power.

Plus you will get hurt…leave dat to me.

Cause shadows cannot be harmed?

I can harm you with light

Now you’ve done it.
(calls his Naga)
Just you wait…I shall IMPALE YOU!