How do you feel about the new update

  • Amazing
  • decent
  • could care less
  • hate it

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It’s shit.


why is that? 20 characters


Because of the fuel cut and its higer price. They did some epic bullshit there, I’m pissed as ■■■■.


how do you feel about when you win 5 multiplayer battles you get 20 energy?


20 energy are useless. It’s not even two insane BB runs. Also, they don’t make up for 60 fuel less and an increased cost of it as already said.

I also like how you do question like a developer. I’m really hoping you’re one of 'em under a masked account.


do you think that the higher level you are the more energy you can have.


lol i wish i was because the older versions were the best and now they are taking away items that the community wants.


pointless, a flimsy disguise to lower our energy


enough to look him in profile …

by subj : I liked it, but I reflected that opinion in the appropriate thread, as other players, instead of creating a separate voting is stupid with the kind of nerd who imagine themselves smarter than all others.


Its definitely a Tacticsoft dev. He has “money” in his name. Isnt it obvious?


Hot garbage. Further nerfed drops and lowered energy


ok auto pilot is good if we have a work. but why fuel cap decreased and refill cost increased?


Cuz they don’t give a shit about what players want.


lol i’m only 13 and my mech is crap


disappointed we do not advance to advance weapons or other


theyre killing farming bit by bit
only good thing of this nonsense is the x2 speed button