How do you donate tokens?


Ello…i was wondering how do you donate tokens?
Im asking to be sure.


Its simple , you dont.


If i don’t…tell me how the hell did @Kaen donated some tokens to someone about challange?


Those are battledawn tokens.

Not sm tokens


Ah k thank you…have you ever heard of a meme called…



Wow dead memes.





the battledawn tokens still work in SM


both sm tokens and bd red tokens are the same. bd also has bonus (blue) tokens which are not in sm however, the paid for bd tokens are the same and if you use the same account it comes from the same pool.

therefore, to send another sm player tokens you must both place a colony on the same battledawn server, then the one sending will select the colony of the player they wish to send tokens to, go to their profile page, then click the big red T (image) then send the amount you wish. this doesn’t cost energy to send and you don’t have to be in the same alliance like with other resources.