How do i unlock this i dont understand?


Well I dont get what Im supposed to do i boost weapons torsos etc but doesn’t go up i just going for all achievements help me …

the one on the left


That achievement only counts if you boost it up a level. For example, if you boost an item from Power Level 1 to 2, that would go up from 42 to 43.

Yes, it’s worded quite poorly, but that’s how it works.

Tip: Use high power junk items to fuse into other high power junk items to raise it fast, but make sure those items have the same power requirement at level 1. (300 for mythical items and level 30 items)


Thanks I never understood that 1


Feel free to tell us How you would word it?


To be honest, I believe there isn’t a really a clear way to word this out, but “Increase power level of items 100 times” would be better.

“Boost an item 100 times” seems a little vague, it sounds like it’s just asking for us to boost one item (or many items) 100 times, as in perform a fusion 100 times. This is what I thought too at first.

Mentioning that the levels of the items have to be increased would result in less confusion.


Like this:

Level Up items 100 times


Thanks for your suggestions.
I will send this over to the team.


Spoke to the team.
This a bug. @Fluxeon is correct.
It should work as boost an item 100 times not level up an item 100 times.
I have put in the fix for this. No fix day as of yet.
Thanks for reporting.


I see, alright, thanks for responding.