How do I tame my fluffball? PLS help pls


Im having trouble bonding with my pet fluffer. My fluffball’s name is @Fluffeh
My fluffball doesnt come home to me for days or weeks at a time, going off on bizarre adventures, and god knows how dangerous, or who my fluffer is with. My poor fluff doesnt come home to eat. I get worried. I miss petting it and cuddling its fluff.
I’ve been feeding the flufferball all sorts of gourmet dishes and fancy treats and I even read some books on how to train your fluffball, but it refuses to be trained.
So how do I train my fluffball? How do I bond with it? What am i doing wrong? Does anyone know?


Tie it up, it actually enjoys that. :slight_smile:


okay Thx flux i will try it.


You Can ALways Get A MaliceWolf :smirk::relieved:
Theyre easy to tame
We Have one here on BD that we use to keep a check on G3


No. I want my fluffball.


A really complicated case indeed.
Maybe she just wants to get away :imp:

But try these out


First, you catch a wild Malice and then you spread rumors that he’s going to play a serious era on BD. Next thing you know, your lost fluffer’s will come running from whatever corner he’s in back home, safe and sound


The fluffer said it isnt interested in beating weak malicious wolves.
I think im gonna give up and get a corgi. :disappointed:


Nothing will happen to your fluffball while I am busy playing SuperMechs


I said not to comment unless u were a fluffer expert or own one!!!


I have killed one , isn’t that enough


Move on and hire another one.