How do I lose belly fat?


I feel very uncomfortable with a big belly in front of me.

I ain’t fat. Just skinny with a wobbly stomach.


I’m currently having this problem, I can see my 4 packs but a bit hard due to fat, but overall its hard to see. I also have fats around my chest and I’m 15% bodyfat. I don’t believe in any shortcuts other than doing push ups and go for a jog daily. I do wrestling at school and there are no shortcuts to burning fat other than hardwork. My coach once said “The world is made of people who show up to practice.” You gotta grind for that perfect body man, good luck to both of us.


One word. Scissors.


You scare me…



I guess I could do push ups. Jogging might be difficult for me because I don’t have a proper jogging route (I live in a city with no parks).

Thanks for the tip.


I was trying to put something helpful since im a nice lad. But idk how to lose weight or fat and actually have problems with gaining it. So i just went witha classic Kaen response instead


Follow a workout plan (don’t jump in cold turkey) and a healthy diet. Idk where you live but a lot of places have healthy options for cheap. And you don’t need a gym subscription to workout, jump rope, weights, or just go for a run.

The most important part is giving it your best effort and to keep it up for months, anyone can be fit and healthy it just takes time :weight_lifting_man:

(unless they play BD smh)


like this ??


That is a pretty good exercise to get rid of belly fat, yeah


I burned 20 kilos in 3 months , yes I did

I’m 17 right now, though I don’t have packs (yet) I am not fat anymore :slight_smile:

If you need tips PM me I too am in a city I never went outdoors to do it , not even gym :slight_smile: but if you need to build your body (I mean packs , chest etc etc ) you need to go to the gym or keep working out real hard at home but it’s a lot easier at gym