How do I get medals?

How can I receive medals? I have been playing SM for a few months and have 3 mechs with several mythical and legendary torso, legs, weapons and modules . I completed the campaign and I’m level 7 in arena, most of the time.

What do I do to get medals?

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In order to get medals, you have to be the best of the best
Only the top players get medals


interesting. I have beaten several of the mechs with medals. But thank you!


The actual process of getting medals involves getting the most solo wins in a supermechs season (1 week), or getting the most 2v2 wins, or the most clan wins.

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ok. that makes sense

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Wanna go to global chat and 2v2?
Been looking for people to fight since I dont do rewards pvp cause of the shit droprates

Yes! What is your user name on the game?

You still on?

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You can get rewarded with solo medals by standing at top 3 at the end of the week, can also get clan medals by participating of a clan in the top 3.



Dank and KiliN explained…

Question solved

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i am online now
my user name is pepe2004
message me