How do Clan Wars Work?/Clan Wars Rules

How exactly do the clan wars work? I’m a bit confused on how it works at the moment. How does the scoring work? I thought you got a score on how much damage you dealt, I’m seeing that I’m doing full damage (destroying them) and they have 99/98% left/dealt (I’m not sure) and I can still attack them. How does it work?

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It’s a confusing mix of how much damage you do to them and the bot does to you.


There’s a power level for each player in a clan you’re going up against

It’ll look like that. Now your job (or rather the point of fighting for instance this players mech) is to try and get a high as possible score on them. For instance MaKaVeLi did 4,227 out of 5,130. That’s 86%* (side note I’ve no clue how the actually dmg or power level is calculated. But I’ve a theory it has to do with the weapons payload, and an old thread show casing power levels in the workshop from months ago). But that’s a thread for anther day.

This lad got an 86% against the other players mechs (which btw are AI controlled). The total percentage, is shown as is below

These numbers on both sides are all the scores for both teams averaged out (TF got an 88% score an HTK got an 84% score). Fyi I mean no offense or to start drama with these pics. Just using as examples to explain it~

Anywho once that’s completed I believe your clans first and second round scores are averaged together vs the other clans first round scores. I may be wrong, so feel free to correct me. This is a still a theory in work~

Some rules

  • Depending on clan size/how many players joined on either side. You can get more than the standard 3 fights.

  • As above you get more fights depending on joined members/clan size. But also can face duplicate players on both sides. ie your clan can show an extra player for them and vice versa for you.

  • You face AI controlled player bots (to clarify from above). Same thing for the opposing clan.

  • There are two rounds over the course of 3-5 days (legitimately forgot).

As above, do correct me or fill me in if I missed anything. I’m not entirely sure of it just yet. But this is what I’ve gathered so far.

Example of duplicate mechs~ This others here but these stand out (and I’m lazy).


Thanks so much! I would like some devs to help us confirm (if they ever will…) but due to a break over the summer I am ill-informed on what devs are current. Please tag some for me :wink:

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I think it has to do with something like the scoring of raid,

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I don’t believe this was confirmed. It might work similarly but this definitely isn’t the way scoring works.

Would need a dev to confirm.


Please tag some devs, I have no clue who they are right now.

@SilverBox @Sarah247 @Mohadib help confirm scoring on Clan Wars


And Clan Wars too

i dont know why I put raid. I meant to put clan wars :smile:


Some other details that I need to mention are the clan battles consisting of 2 rounds, at the end of these two rounds the results are averaged and the winner is issued.

if your clan wins you will see a screen like this with the totals and the word VICTORY !!!

on the contrary, your clan loses the percentages will be shown. but the word LOSS !!!

PS. The images used are only referential to help better understand clan warfare. does not seek to generate any type of controversy by the use of them.

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Your intentions are clear from the beginning. If you wish to be offended by my use of the clan war images. Go ahead.

But do not bring that bullshit around me when I’m merely helping someone understand the system.

I’ll use different photos another time. if it hurts you that much.


I think you are wrong again, I am only helping to explain some details better, to help anyone who wants to see the subject it is easier to understand it. You need to put aside your toxicity and stop seeing ghosts where there are none, stay on the subject to help understand clan warfare better. and please leave the paranoia.

Have a great day.


Another important rule of clan wars -
you will be constantly attacked by ass###es who use alt- accounts
and try to turn white color to black.This is not personal, it is a generalization

  • one thing which work strange, when enemies clan or your have more/less players then another, then random dude from clan which have low members take additional attacks and map gonna filled with additional mech teams (actually copy random team from cw )
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What is this “clan wars” yall talking about?
This deluxe titan thing?

absolutely true what was said by the partner,

try to turn white color to black. or losses to victories.

some 1568099095510 even go to the extreme of saying that they are undefeated.

The important thing is to have healthy fun and have a good time. This is my 2nd clan wars and I think we won but we must wait for the results.

If you need any additional information or help about clan wars, you can send me a pm, I will gladly help you.

I wish you a very happy day for everyone

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Wow - thank a lot to make that clear :exclamation:


On the contrary to obvious notes and possibly petty remarks to create tension:

If you receive less than 50% as your score, it means you were not able to beat the opponent and you were destroyed.

If you receive more than 50% as your score, it means you were able to beat the opponent and you destroyed them.

The closer to 0% means the less damage you did and the faster they destroyed you.

The closer to 100% means they did minimum damage to you and you destroyed them quicker.

50% is hypothetically a DRAW but that should never happen. There may be some cases where the margins and HP are so large that the score may be rounded to show 50% as a visual key but it is entirely impossible for you to receive 50.0000%


As related to the post I made above,

This also means for you to get 100%, you must not receive ANY damage during the duration of your fight. This may be possible through overheating or energy breaking but due to the wide range of builds and the extremely small chance of builds not including a hook or having good heating among all three of their mechs, I doubt a score of 100% would arise in most proper clans.