How did you discover BattleDawn?


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Yeah either I was searching for Battlefield or I was in the chrome store and found it randomly in an ad.


By playing a GINDIS game called Army Commander. Its creator Eran, is part of tacticsoft now.


I found BD through Battle Galaxy and I found BG through an ad which was a giant relic being ioned and fighters around it.

I was like: Hollllly frick
(was like 12 at the time) :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to play a game called Zelderex. It was more of a word based game, but I was getting fed up with it as it was extremely tough to even break the 500 rankings without paying. Saw an ad for BD, clicked it and placed. Had graphics (other game was just text, so this was WAY above already) and I was able to rank in top 300’s within my first week of play. That alone made me happy (oh how easy I was to please when I first got here!!). I was a leader in my old game, so I continued to try leading here and learning as I went. And I’m still here.


My brother introduced me to this game during summers, not sure how he found this game. Also BD is the first online game I ever played. Heck it is still the first game as I haven’t played any online game even now. (other than BD & BG)

But yeah I played online games which requires internet but are more of offline game once entered. Like Fifa 14 (andriod) Asphalt 8 & few other andriod games.


one of my hardcore buddies from Tribal Wars recommended playing BD when we got tired of TW


i found it the same way i found Evony. im pretty sure that the lady that represents Earth

was used in an advertisement. and i’m a simple man. i see thicc thighs somewhat visible and the sign of a cleavage, i click whatever the link is. so here i am. i’ve quit the game about 4 or 5 times because the new player experience is lacking, but im back. im just hoping she notices me :blush:


I was finding new games to download since, I was damn bored.
I googled, “Multiplayer Online Games” (I was expecting someone Like Counter Strike. Which I could download, And play multi player.)
Saw a link of “Top Multiplayer Strategic Games”. BD was 2nd or else 3rd. (2013)
I found this game Interesting :stuck_out_tongue:[quote=“Malicewolf, post:5, topic:714”]
I was able to rank in top 300’s within my first week of play. That alone made me happy

I found myself in Hall Of Fame rank 98. That made me so damn happy (It was my second era) When I understood how to player this game after the first era :stuck_out_tongue:


Older brother found game in 2011 and promptly showed me , although i made an account 7 years ago i only began hardcore in 2015


I’m not sure but I guess CS is FPS game?

I might be wrong, as I rarely play any games.


Yep Its FPS, But who play it online and it is multiplayer or you with computer players
Thus I was just searching
Online Multiplayer Game


through my cocky brother


Coworker showed me years ago.


I’m going to assume he wasn’t very productive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We dont have to produce. So thats oke! :smiley:


I got called by my cousin once in 2012 (I think) and he told me to hop on Skype, so I did and we talked for a lil bit and he told me to play this game with him and he gave me the link and it was, I didnt know the name of the game was Battle Dawn at the time so when the wargame link was dropped I had a tough time searching for it again xD


Because of the shitty adds you have on the side of your screen that you always ignore but BD was realy pressitend with ads so i checked it out one day


See fellas, persistence works!!


same lol. ads in