How did u become good in this game?

this game is really hard



Luck, money, or Blazing Legs-Kraken-Repulser-Jab Drone-Iron Plating-Energy Booster

actually just money and occasional luck

i got plat plate and was a heat-ene mechs back then. I was meh lucky. Now im trash XD.

Moved to general topics for you. It isn’t an idea. Also what they ^ said…

I used my brain and some few hours daily…

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maximum protector was my luckiest drop

Money and alot of luck

Be a good builder or get one
U can be pretty op even as a f2p
But at this point will be hard thanks to arena shop

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If by good you mean top players, then what’s said above

Otherwise, if it’s just “become better”, I personally did by playing/Trying different builds, even the weirdest ones/trying new strategies/etc
And ofc, studying afterwards the good points and flaws

Best builders are not in top 10
All i got to say

But some of them made builds for top 10 players


Where are they then, the best builders?


Good builds plus the variety of items and the understanding of arena skill wise would get you there

While many possess the ability to make decent builds, they to not meet the second requirement of having a bunch of necessary items which limit them.

The lack of skill and building ability limit how high you reach in rank 1


Because we are hard workers

Money, time and help from friends.

My luckiest so far is probably a tie between Zark #2, Ultrahot Protector, Claw, and Flame Spear

i did git gud BECAUSE I DIDNT WINE ABOUT DROPRATES ALL THE HECCING TIME AND PRAISE THE OG VERSION. (the old version is good but i perfer the new sm)


Hmmm…then I don’t know what to tell you.

:neutral_face: ummmmmmmmm ok