How did people get perfect score on that last raid?

Keep in mind I am not complaining about the difficulty, I am aware that awards shouldn’t just be handed to people without work. However, I am wondering what weapons people used to take no damage.

Also I am kind of confused because I saw some very weak looking builds (Only 1 legendary) that got a much much higher score then mechs with over three mythicals.
How is this possible?


another post mathematicaly proved it was impossible. any absurdly high score(at least the top 30) is all the result of cheating

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So they somehow hacked and changed their score? Or did they do something else like making their weapons overpowered

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no they just hacked their score into the leaderboard

See here …


i dont know what they did, there’s probably a few different ways the system was cheated. but to everyone who played for real, it’s blatantly obvious that a lot of cheating happened.

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Bro the top 10? The ones with near perfect score are suspicious.
I scored 18th, takeing 140 dmg from the last 3 mechs(boss included).
The buggys and tanks could be taken out perfectly using valiant sniper and starting at range 7.
The rest of the mechs couldnt.
The only way to reduce the dmg taken from them was using protectors(myth phis one was the best) and legacy shields( the higher the better, i used the 45%). And the strategy was to pop the shield in the first move, usualy that reduced the dmg to 30 ish( to 2 if you had protector the myth phis one), after that, overheating them was the key( either dual CL shots, Grimsom rupture and axe/sword/shotgun/stomp ), and then finish them off.
But you would not get perfect score.

so youre saying the top scores are all done with legacy items? and its not possible to be in the top with whats currently available?

so even if that was the case and the top spots weren’t all cheaters, it still dosent seem fair to me

It was imposible even with legacy items.
If you took 1 dmg thruout the raid you could NOT get perfect score.
The perfect score were done using hacks/exploits/bugs you call them.
The legacy items could get you near perfect score… but not perfect since you would take dmg anyway.

i never said “perfect score”. i was just talking about the highest scores. i like how you avoid the unfairness part lol

assuming nobody cheated and all scores were legit: the TOP SPOTS (not perfect scores) would still be people who have items that aren’t available to everyone. so, still unfair, thats my point

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Maybe you should send this to the devs in PM and not here in public because you can make more cheaters this way.

At least i’m sure they will take action this time.

please pm these cheats to SM staff in future.

Ill forward it in this case.

lol…too funny, you still have hope, cute.

have you seen them ever actually fix a problem with this game? ive only seen them make it worse.
they arent going to do anything, and its sad that thats the best we can hope for

But couldn’t you actually use the flaming scope too overheat/shutdown everything? :thinking:

Nope, the minion mechs had a heat cap of 168 + cooling of 47.
So to shut those minion mechs down you would have needed to deal 168 + 47 + 1 = 216 heat damage in one shot.
But even Flaming Scope deals “only” 212 heat damage.
So those minion mechs would have cooled down once and then most likely activated their drones.
Therefore any player would have taken damage.

So that means hax confirmed?

That is the question.
It seems so far.

That is why people want TS to look into the battle records of those 9 players to check how they did it.
But alas TS probably did not save the battle data so they cannot check it for cheating.
That is what I fear.

Well, if I would be TS I would freeze those 9 accounts, then contact those 9 players via email and tell them that they have to explain how they got a perfect score if they want their account unfrozen.
If they cannot explain how they did it or if the testing of their explanation proves it to not work then I would reset those accounts completely.

But once again I doubt TS will do so.

Use this to kill the boss in one turn


I was really pissed with all this RAIDS cheating, and so I started figuring how on earth this is possible… Cheat Engine is the only explanation. So I downloaded the soft and started TESTING it. I wanted to make a video showing the truth. And pretty soon figured out it does not work. Simply scanning for values displayed does not work. And I believe this is because most of the values are displayed in the browser by means of the decimal separators. Tokens, gold, even HP in the campaign is now comma separated. And Cheat Engine is somehow “cheated” with these values. So I gave up, uninstalled the soft and surrendered. But then I started thinking again. It is MOST of the values displayed that are comma separated… MOST, not all of them… Look at the energy and heat bars in the battle… See decimal separators? I think the only way to perfect raids in the future will be to modify heat value of the enemy to, say… 1/1, and use any heat weapon to perfectly shutdown it for ever. IDK if it works, will try as TESTING ONLY and will post a video on my YT.