How can you get a guaranteed fortune box?


I haven’t gotten a fortune box in months and I need one really badly.


There is no such thing as a guaranteed fortune box
Keep farming bosses and you’ll have a chance to get one.


More chance to farming boss level
rare change on normal levels


Just farm on Ramboy Easy mode. It doesn’t matter if the level is harder, the fortune box chances are the same. Farm on the first zone boss, for 4 energy, which give you a chance of getting fortune boxes. I usually get at around 2 or 3 when I farm on the level.


hehe… the wonderbox with two commons… What for is it?


Fam,i told that in forums xd


Keep farming and you’ll have a chance to get one for every mission you play.
Happy now? :slight_smile:
As you said you can also get them by playing normal missions (though,as much as I farm,I never got a single one;only dropped by bosses for me).


thanks for the advice, thank you… and good luck getting those fortune boxes.:grinning: