How can I improve my mechs?

1st mech:

Mass heater, as you can see.
I didn’t even know I don’t have any heat modules lol

2nd mech:

A physical guy.
Terrible, I know.

So, do you have any ideas on how can I improve my mechs? If you do, tell me :3

On 1st mech:
Equip charge if you have one
Use at least 2-3 plates and 3 heat engines, one cooling mass booster will help too
Upgrade modules

On 2nd mech:
Find any psyh legs that go to myth
Unequip reckless beam, it’s useless
Swap the top machine gun with a night eagle
Replace naga with a zark or windigo
Replace energy hook with a psyh one
Upgrade the modules and replace the c-r ones with e-m ones when you will get them
3 plates 2 energy engines/capsules and 2 heat engines and 1 cooling mass booster

Since i don’t know which mech you want to counter which types i wrote what i wrote
Hope that will help :slight_smile:


1st mech- if you can’t find engines, at the very least farm and get some rare and energy modules. Put in 3 heat engines, remove the savior resistence. add another iron plating and energy engine.
Remove vandal if you dont have enough weight.

For the second mech- you can’t use naga for a physical. Upgrade that zarkares (or windigo!) I see you have in your inventory, and use it. Get rid of the reckless beam also- you should be staying close range with this one.
For modules, get rid of the savior, add an iron plating, have 3 heat engines and 2 energy.
(3 irons, 3 heat and 2 energy)
You can also get rid of an energy engine, and have 4 irons, 3 heat and 1 energy

In order to get the modules required, you are going to have to start farming. Ramboy on any mode works great, but insane is the best. It takes patience, but you will have to farm a lot in order to improve your mechs. As you work on acquiring the modules, be sure to upgrade your weapons (and that Zarkares for your second mech!_

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Heat needs actual H Mods, also

You’ll need a Shit ton, I have like 7, You’ll only need a shit ton of energy if you want to be a Energy build

Physical, Remove The Wreckless and the axe, Add a Night Eagle and then change the legs and Torso to Zarkares and Iron Boots

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Drugar stavi taj phys hook an tvoj phys mech.
I stavi jos module

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1st mech:
add a charge
get rid off the epic teleport and use a common one instead, this way you waist less energy against energy mechs
also change the hook to heat
change the drone to nemo for more heating
other than that i’d say change the shotgun once you get reckoning, or change it for a terror cry
if this mech is to fight against other heats and phy then equip 2/3 iron plates
and maybe only equip 1 energy engine, then the rest just heat engines once you get them
also you may want to not equip so many weapons…
do this:
terror cry
Heat bomb
Vandal rage
cause trust me when i say that the shotgun you have is too heavy but it has trash dmg

2nd mech
get rid off all your top weapons and equip night eagle instead
for the torso keep it if the mech is meant to fight phy and energy mechs, if not then change it to brutality or zarkares
get rid off backbreaker, its useless if your fighting against energy mechs and its taking weight
change legs to iron boots
then get rid off the teleport, equip a charge mod, equip an iron hook instead of the energy one, equip 3 iron plates, then take out the multi resist and equip a phy resist instead, then equip 1 heat mod and he rest energy mods

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