How can I improve my mech?


Btw don’t mention the backbreaker I know it is terrible and I am working on getting the abomination to replace it
As for the legs, which should I use to replace the boots- Scorching feet, or Devouring paws?

Any other tips would be appreaciated


you need to get devouring paws there better


That’s very little of energy weapons for an energy mech


its a heat mech not a energy mech


Is it?..


yes it is a heat mech


Ditch the backbreaker. Annihilation does the same job better, and has 2 range to boot. Of course, a better heat weapon would work better, but backbreaker isn’t a good choice, hopefully you can get something else to fill the niche, a shotgun or annihilation or something.


Im a heat mech and looking for the abomination to replace it


In no way shape or form am I an energy mech. I don’t have any energy weapons or equipment, besides modules


that is what i said to Winz_Kay


If I were to get Zarkares torso, should I replace it with the Windigo?


I would if i got zarkares.


I will mention it,no matter how many times :slight_smile:
You all know I absolutely hate the ‘‘thing’’.

Thank you for saving me some trouble.
Annihilation also has a resist drain and it’s energy-free.Much better than the ‘‘thing’’.
As for legs…
SCORCHING FEET ------------ (122), 2 Jump, 413 HP, 143-187 ExDmg, 36 HeatDmg, 1 Push
DEVOURING PAWS------------ (121), 2 Jump, 394 HP, 140-220 ExDmg, 44 HeatDmg, 1 Push
There’s no significant hp or weight difference between them,it’s just that the Paws deal more heat and explosive dmg.Go for them for they’re the most popular and used heat legs.Not to say that they lok amazingly classy :3
Oh yeah,also:
You’ll afford the weight.
Try to go for a Zarkares torso.It’s better.Just a little more weight (but you’ll have enough for it) and a little less energy (but inconsiderable).
Good luck on yer boiler!