How can I change my username?


I logged in using my SM account but that’s not my username.


I think it automatically chose a name for you.


Oh no, how can I change it?


Your username doesnt really matter, as you get to chose a new name each time you plant on a world.
The username is just for getting into the account


Does that mean that I have 2 usernames? I logged in with a different one.


Try this username to login into SM.
See what happens.:slight_smile:


SM is currently down for me.


Hello dear Game developers Supermech. I ask you to Take the account of the player Mr.Spider Player Mr.Spider Insults Me And humiliates he Also Insults the players is Less than his rank He bullies weaker players And also me He says bad words to others. and I also Asked to take his account forever 2 account must Also be closed. Preferably, Too, forever, And please lock it, He brings a lot of inconvenience to chat. Also tassaray it in chat it is impossible to go! Please dear developers, Block of the player Mr.Spider in Advance will be very grateful)


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So I guess what Hitmo said a few months ago about some of the SM players were true!


Most accurate thing I’ve ever read


Nah I change name 2 times somehow…


Tsk tsk tsk, looks like you triggered those pesky 5 year old SM players. They went and flagged your post :frowning: