How can i change my email address?

I now have a new email and i want to put it on my acc for more safety, how can i change my email to put the new one?

Thanks for any help

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Anything you change there will be changed in-game for you as well.

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What is this supposed to mean?

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Enter your username and password.

Step 3
Go to control panel on top right corner.

Step 4
Click on profile which will appear on the left side.

Step 5
Click on edit account settings which will also appear on the left side and edit what ever you want to.

But you will have to be a bit patient while doing this. Since the servers are down it will take 30-40 seconds to load (usually it takes fraction of a second) even with high speed connection.

If you still need help please feel free to ask again.


Thanks for the advices,but i mean in my SM acc

Even for SM you need to follow the same procedure.

Both SM and BD accounts are linked to same forum. I don’t know how to explain it to you.
Maybe @alexander can confirm your doubt and explain as well.


You have one account for BD and SM.
And all your bought tokens in SM you can use in BD.

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Thanks for help .:smiley::smiley:, I also used to play battedown

I was top 50, but i missed from tha game for some months and when i login i had to play from start. And rebuild new castle, i should may press the vacation button before i leave?

Hello, i typed my new email adress to change it but it says it’s already in use, that’s bc i 've puted this email to some accs i’ve created some weeks before, so What do i do?

Seems you are new to the game and don’t have much idea.
Pl visit this thread and apply for a mentor.

Or message @elcent or @energy

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Pl message anyone from staff, maybe @Alexander or @malicewolf

If you have registered another account the email you want try shifting that account to a new email, leaving it a day or so and then transfer the email you wanted on the new account to the email you wanted.

With BD if you don’t log in a week your account will be deleted. To stop this you do need the vacation mode. Once every few weeks/months worlds also reset and every colony is deleted and tick is set back to 0 allowing a new world to commence. If you need anymore help with BD or changing emails feel free to message me.


so that’s why my bd acc was deleted, :frowning:

Helppppppp :sob::sob:, my acc was banned unfairly, i went to change my email and i had to confirm en email to. Accept, nothing was sent and i’ve lost my acc, pls unbann it