How are players getting 12919 in raid, tier 4?

How are players getting 12919 in raid, in tier 4??? How many HPs do I need to reach that. I only loose 2 HP. My team together has 7516 HP. Please Explain:

I can only start from myself!
Phys. HP about 2800-3300
Heat 2000-2300
Energy 2000-2300
I am currently in rank 4-3
Well then calculate nice lol

What is your Score in raid???

level 4 position 585

What is your raid score?
in raid tier 4, I scored 5100
A total of all four = 12,869

Wait what is the raid score based on?
I never knew. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…My …11095…

Supposedly Damage…

@Kogmitov is good at this. See if he can answer.

I see noobs in the lower tiers with the highest score.
I am starting to think it’s whoever finishes raid first…

It’s all about minimizing the damage you take. You lose points by taking damage so you want to have heat bombs or EMPS and tons of resistance and the right weapons for that raid and you’ll do well


most useful weapons tend to be:

  • crimson
  • val
  • frantic
  • heat bombs
  • savagery



Use cock burner to overheat the first mech that starts at range 7.
So you will take only one damage.


Thats right, you need Cockpit Burner (weapon 7th position) , and heat the mech… he give you only one hit. Full score for tier 4 is 5150 , together 12919 :slight_smile:

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I use cock piercer that can oneshot some enemy until stage 4.