How are my modules?


Please inform me if there is a general thread for these kind of things.


Anihilation? where is it


Sitting in a box somewhere I will probably never find.


other than that is decent , altho a 3rd heat engine would be better than a 3rd energy engine


Got it.


remove the epic energy engine , add hp




Top player: 2 heat module, 3/4 energy, 2/3 plate
rid terror cry and change into nightfall or annihation,
1/2 nightfall, 1/2 annihation, 1 night eagle
This may help you :wink:


Omg, I forgot what build I was aiming for lol.




You’ll get it because it is an epic-myth item


Yea, I know. Gonna have to torture RB 'till I get it.


Thanks for the feedback @Technodive, @Ricemech88. Really appreciated it! :smiley:


21 PM


Switch a heat engine with a cooling mass booster so you’ll at least have room for 1 Annihilation
Other that that,it’s pretty good.


tip use anihilation thats what i use just upgrade the health modules