How are my modules? OK or KO?

I think that’s your smallest issue in this case :laughing:

You gonna need plenty.Avenger has the worst core stats due to it’s maximum health.Use engines instead of maxx boosters for you’ll balance it easier,faster and more efficiently.In it’s current state…that 1k health won’t be of any use,for you’ll get instantly drained or overheated.

Replace the beam for you don’t have a better alternative…Homage sure weights a lot but it would be of better use than Reckless Beam.

screen shot
i though was a common knowledge

the problem with Reckless beam is that energy & heat have stronger sniping weapons so physicals generally tend to be close range
with spartan carnage the history change, but its leg-myth so better dont hope that so much
thats all if u like it u can use it too
but i preffer have a grappling & charge to get close & kill than try a sniping battle against energy or heat
try to get annihilation & u would understand, or if ur lucky mercy, both weapons have 0 cost, yeap 0 no energy no heat needed & both deal good dmg

btw iron boots are better than chromium crushers
actually iron boots are the legs with more HP on game & u got em from the beginning, if u dont get rolling beasts u should seriously consider evolving iron boots

now u get to my point before reload wich was hightly remarked with the reload
they dont care about us
they dont care to make a game good or better
they are hell lazy & want lot of money by this thing we call game
its fun yeah untill u want an specific item, then u start to need it & all the fun goes to hell


Allow me a parenthesis. I’m going to tell you a case. It is not within the initial theme, but to make laugh a little and break the ice. But it serves as an ex. to see how SM is handled.

A few months ago I had problems with some purchased tokens that didn´t load. Then, I decided to follow the corresponding way and sent an email to “support”. After reiterating my email, I waited 1 more day and nothing, silence … so I left a private message to Sarah here in forum: “please, reply to my email”. Sarah responded to my private message, but only to ask me to reiterate everything I had already written in the email. She didn´t solve anything.

What Sarah did was label the “Marketing Manager”. a character who never deigned to respond. Manager? It must be the only one. I thought it was a bad joke. A few days passed and I sent a PM to Alexander, who at least suggested some options to solve my problem.

I’ve been solving the issue outside of TS. I am still waiting for the response of “support” to the email (3 months have passed) and that the “Marketing Manager” even if he says “good morning, solved your problem?”.

This is how this works. You have to take it with a lot of patience, with soda and humor.

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My new mech:

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Michael said so, as well:

Tacticsoft, shame on you!


Well,there are a lot of things to be done on it (like more energy and such)…but you’re on the good way.
Why don’t you give up on the resistance module to free a little weight you’ll need for the engines?
Make sure to swap the legacy modules for the new ones of the same kind too,they’re better even when not maxed.
Also,when you get new weapons make sure to re-organize your build,for it’s a little sensible right now…Aand,if I were you,I’d make a little room for a Night Eagle too :slight_smile:

Isn’t the night eagle the backwards physical top grenade launcher? I’ll try to get one, then, since I got my goal for the annihilation pretty quick. I don’t have any other engines to replace the resistance module, though.

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It’s okay.You wont need it anyways.The mythical maximum protector does make a difference but this one really doesn’t really help.Save the weight for the Night Eagle (yeah,the backwards top :slight_smile: ).

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hell thats awfull xD

i didnt ever take seriously SM so xD if i get the items or not dont care me anymore xD soda its bad probably a lemonade its better

i was listening this song on my head when i wrote it xD

thats actually a decent mech, but pls. Change the shotgun and the legs.

I’m working on the annihilation for replacing the shotgun and I like the legs.

Annihilation, good. Legs, bad. They don’t go to mythical so they aren’t worth it!!

I don’t have better legs though.

Just keep farming, they’ll show up soon enough. Honestly just about any legs will do, as long as they go to mythical.

Are iron boots the best?

I use them and they are good for physical mechs

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There is no ‘best’ anything (except for valiant sniper of course). Iron boots are good, if you have them I’d use them. They may only be epic now, but you’ll feel the difference once you get into the mythical range.