How are my modules? OK or KO?



Hi WMist… In my opinion the resistance module is a waste. Get rid of that. You will be much better with another HP plate. Also, maxxx maxxx maxxx! You got commons mounted, which weigh 40 kg! Also, you have still some free weight to use, so look for additional engines, they are better than cooldown/regen modules.


If would be perfect if you got an energy engine or two (for 150ish regen and 350ish max energy),combined with with either 2-3 heat engines or 1-2 of those (for max heat cap) plus a cooling mass booster (for that 250+ total cooling when maxed).
Discard the savior resistance.If you get its legendary-mythical version then yeah,use that.If not,go for another plate or heat/energy module (for I doubt you’ll get a platinum plating anytime soon,just like the rest of us)
Plus,it depends on the weapons you use also!
Yours use energy,so that means you’ll need energy modules.Plus,that physical build ain’t bad as it isn’t too bright either.
Sure it gets the job done but…Try to aim for an annihilation instead of the blade (or Seraph if you really wanna use a sword).
The physical sniper (forgot its name) won’t be of much use when you get in a higher rank/arena (for it provides 2 uses even at myth,sure it drains a lotta resistance but the damage on this thing is pretty light) so I advice you to fid a replacement.Best to discard it and put another side,like an annihilation or two combined with the nightfall and night eagle.
As for the rest of the build,I see it’s pull-type close to medium range,physical build.
Forgot to say this:If you make this an energy-free or half-free build,you could have more room for cooling and hp instead of energy.If you got for that kind of build,make sure to get a good grappling hook and a charge engine.


The physical sniper is Desert Fury ^^


lets review ur whole mech
ur using heat legs on a physical build, iron boots would give ya more hp, zarkares torso its good so keep it
that sword its more a waste than other thing get rid of it & get annihilation instead same range more eficient
desert fury its ok like support draining for night eagle but u wont need it at all when u reach highter ranks
now x modules
resistance module wont save u, get another iron plate
ur energy modules are bad get 2 energy engines instead & ul see the difference
thats all ur going good but need to be more specific


That’s exactly what I said but in more detail :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The modules are very good for this torso, but the weapons need some improvement…


What I don’t get is how you guys get by with such little energy. I’m running a physical mech at rank 13 with ~medium energy consumption but still always get pwned by energy mechs.


oh xD i just answered didnt read the comments xD
looks like we think the same


put a SS & well see how r u being killed


Here is my main mech:

I currently have nothing better to replace my legacy cooling module.

Also, no offense, but can you speak normally? I can’t really understand some of your posts.


What I do is not to use any rare and common items because they are useless, just use epics and upgrade them using rare and commons but that’s only because I have so many epic items.

Maybe you should do the same unless you don’t have much epic items.

btw you should really get more energy/heat cooling/regeneration


Yeah, but I can’t. As you can see, I only have 2 epic modules, which is sad. Whenever I get epics, it’s just usually those useless torsos and feet.


Oh now i see why
you are energy dependant with any energy engine!
maybe you should try to farm more
also that reckless beam wont help you so much on the future u should consider dedicate your resources to torso heat engine & nightfall
those are the bestie items your mech have

by the way, congrats by having a 1000 Kg mech heehee

sorry i write like this by 2 reasons
1 im lazy so i write the less i can using the letter sounds for example “why” as “y”, “you” as “u”, “for” as "x"
2 my english its rusted


SS ?


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Yeah… it’s been kinda rough for energy with me. I think these are the only good energy modules I have. About the reckless beam, why is it bad? IMO it does some good damage for not having a limit.


Reckless beam is bad for several reasons. First and most important one is that it is a top weapon with range 4-8. When facing an energy or heat mech, your primary goal in a physical is to close the range to run away from snipers, hysterias, savageries, desolations, supreme cannons and all other types of top weapons which are simply much better. If you stick in range 4-8 in a physical, you are dead. So the use of RB is questionable just in this respect. Also, it is energy-based, so you need to keep this in mind. It does not shred resistance, and I believe it has some weird hidden stats (like heat/energy damage, but I am not sure…) It just does not match physical designs. Physicals in general lack good medium to long range weapons. No, wait, physicals lack good weapons in general.


Then what about long range combat? I use it as a backup in case I get knocked back and don’t have enough energy or turns to get up close again.

P.S. Just got my second nightfall, should I replace the shotgun with it? Or the reckless beam?


Well, this question is a tricky one. Surely, you need to get rid of all epic-only items. But Nightfall… it is so easy for an energy mech to render it useless… Personally I love to fight physicals with nightfalls, because I usually kill them with half of my HP points untouched. This is the problem with physicals. Unless you pack 450+ energy, you will be torn apart by an energy mech… And Annihilations are just so limiting with this pathetic range (2 max), low minimum damage and shitty RNG. That is why I say physicals do not have good weapons at all… Ask @Wepwawet if she is happy with her Mercy… I do not think so… Physical drones? Useless burden eating up your weight, if you deploy a drone against an energy mech, that means one action point wasted for nothing, because on second turn your drone will get deenergized. This is why I gave up on a fully maxxed physical drone in favour of a legendary energy. And I do much better with it…


With what I’m not happy with the Mercy, it’s with the weight. It weighs too much and forces me to remove one of my epic HP plates.

By other way, look at @Mordulec , I don´t have hair on my tongue and I’m already adult to pretend, so I’ll tell you what I think.

What I think is that the developers of this game are like workers of Municipality, there are 10 employees and they work only 1. Therefore, write your complaint in the book of complaints and hope that one day they will solve your problem, with luck next year.

Here nobody cares about balancing the game, from the beginning it was unbalanced in favor of energy and the only time they did anything they did it bad, nor by cheaters (yesterday a cheater took the first place and nobody cared). The only thing that matters is to collect money. As well as the current legislation on issues of online games is still in its infancy, many co. like this take advantage of the unprotected that we are consumers.

But people are also bored of throwing money. I thought today to buy some tokens and open a few more boxes before the offer ended, then I thought, what for? Myth plates I’m sure I will not get, I have no interest in building an energy (because I was never an energy nor was I interested). So why should I invest my money, which is so hard for me to earn, in boxes?