How about support drones


most of the drones are attackers.
how about supporting drones like the repair drone
cooling drone
regeneration drone
cooling+regeneration drone
leech drone(decrease enemy health / heat capacity /regeneration capacity and give it to the mech)
shield booster drone
critical attack blocking drone(and drone gets destroyed)


i’ve seen healing drones before…


“critical attack blocker” is, roughly speaking, just another (quite large) HP module which you put into drone slot; handheld “shield” (actually limited-durability plate of metal in shape of shield) could serve the same purpose while using one of FOUR side weapon slots.

“Leech” is repair+damage at same time… which is actually pretty interesting tactical choice, which we can add for more balance between defence and offence.

regeneration drone is just regen module you put into drone slot. Cooling one is more interesting - but I am not sure if that useful, compared to irreplaceable repair drone (for defence builds) or attack drone which gives very much needed Damage Per Turn (for offence builds)

not sure abt what “shield booster” is. But if this is drone that improves your shield quality (for example, by cutting in two energy/heat cost of damage absorbed), it might be alternative for repair drone in terms of defences.

actually would be nice to see top weapon “Drone pad”: it uses top weapon slot and also have some weight, but gives extra drone slot. Ability to put drone into weapon slot would be balanced by extra weight of Drone pad, plus we can forbut people to use two or three Repair Drones at once (which would be obviously broken) - still it would create some space for trying out those additional supportive drones.


the point is that; for example ; when we use cooling drone , we do not lose a move for cooling; so if you are putting 80 cooling by modules and 20-40 by drone then you can also use some slots for other modules


didn’'t you understand my words? I throught I wrote them clearly. Well, just in case, I will write that once again.

I perfectly understand benefit of “cooling drone”. In fact, I also have throughs of automatic heat sink item that would auto-cool each turn, which is truly powerful (albert needs very careful balancing, to not transform heat mechs into a joke. After all, its major point of heat weapons that your enemy always needs to cool down at least once a while)

However, I also pointed major downside of cooling drone: it is simply overshadowed by anything else you can put into drone slot. You can get more cooling and thus get rid off your heat fast enought without drone; however, only attack drone allows you to attack 3 times per turn (and at any distance), and cooling drone doesn’t block damage like repair drone we already have or shield booster drone your suggested.

Even with additional drone slots (my idea of “Drone pad” or something else), I think it would be still more beneficial to maximize your damage blocking or offensive capability, thus no place for cooling drone except “its cool to use cooling drone”