How about my mech?


it is not a big thing, but it’s in progress. Would you give me some advice?
(I’m waiting for a Nightfall)


Cough just show us mods and ulitys,no need wepons SS.

the mech will be perfect if this would be all mythed.
But first,you’ll need to myth that leg.


Already edit it

Ummm, it’s fine. I knew that my mech had a future hehe. Thanks for your comment bro
I’ll work on those legs.


You might want to up your energy and regeneration. I see you have not many modules for energy and regeneration. Once you acquire them work on that. Look great though.


My energy modules have my second mech, I would have to get a few more.

And thanks bro:)


Btw, you can find help in this specific post, everybody will help you without need to make anymore topics :wink:


Btw, your mech for a phys has much plates, give only 3, put more energy into it and get some engines, they are a bit hard to find, but you will eventually get them… Would be good to use a resistor module, as it decrease the damage you take a lot…
And ah, max myth your legs and torso first, it will give more hp to you endure more battles…


You should remove a plate for another energy module. Jut having regen won’t help much. Ya neee that capacity.

Overall! Your mech is pretty decent. I’d advise you to drop an Annihilation for a Nightfall to cover more range.


Yes, I have been waiting for a nightfall and nothing, I have been given up to 4 annihilattion and no nightfall :frowning:

Thanks bro :slight_smile:


I will work on that, thanks bro


Hmm, I did not know that this topic existed


Now you know my friend :slight_smile:


What friend?


Change the rare teleport to common, have 2 heat engines and 2 energy engines.


Change to Zark and that mech is a fine energy mech for now…just get rid of an Iron Plating and replace the rare heat module for 2 E-M Heat modules


needs more cooling.


I’m waiting for a zark, but I never get it :frowning:


theyre hard to come by for most ppl


Yes, but is it the best torso, right?