How about mech size


That is about what i expected


In Pacific Rim (a reference like another), a giant mech sizes ~80m for ~2.000.000kg.
I think 1.000kg is pretty small like the mechs in the Avatar movie.


The avatar ones stand at 13 feet (4m) and weigh three tons (three times the supposed supermechs weight).

SM Mechs Supposed Weight

1000 = 2202.2 pounds (or 1.1 tons).

Avatar Mechs come in at 6,000 pounds.

It’s strange how Supermech Mechs look bigger in size, yet weigh much less, while holding more weapons than those of the avatar movies.

I wonder if Mo/Sarah know the actual size of SM mechs. I’m curious.


Or a Roswell crash in Sinaï maybe ? They build mechs with materials from another world.


I had joked about Sunrise’s idea. But shit, that could literally be the way.

That or Vibranium exists in SM’s world…


The “maus” tank weights around 200 tons and it can carry 6 crew members


I know, I’m playing WoT (here the Maus) :wink:
But it’s 200 tons (or 200k kg = 200.000 kg) not 200k tons (=200.000.000kg) lol.


Whoops lol