How about mech size


i have been thinking about how big a mech is.

and if you take a look in the background of the hangar you can see some radioactive barrels
and if you think about the fact that a mech cannot get heavier than 1000 kg and the sandbag barriers in the campaign

i concluded that a maximum size mech is about four meters and minimum size is about two meters tall

let me know what you all think


12 feet sounds about right for 1000kgs.

(I was expecting it to be around 16-18 feet tbh).


yeah when i started playing i thought a mech was giant


Well, 12 feet is still pretty giant (nearly the hulks 15 feet).


yeah but i thought they were bigger than optimus prime


i think 12 feet is rather small.
Having in mind that a 6 foot human fits only in the torso/cockpit, and we can asume he is sitting, and that he has some sort of movement freedom there…
And that when he get in he is standing, then sitting, i place the torso only at about 10-12 feet.
Having that in mind and estimating usingin proportions,I would place the hieght of it at about 18-24 feet tall.
But if we look at the weight, 1000 kg, is the weight of a light small car, probably an Clio/Polo, those usualy are about 9 feet long,and 4-5 feet tall, and about 5 feet wide…


I really wonder what the dimensions of a mech really are. Given 1,000kgs isn’t much. And if it is indeed 12 feet (or 16). It really doesn’t fit very well with the fact humans actually sit in them.

had no clue this would require this much thought tbh


I can be taller than a 1000kg Mech… Seems legit (Of course with some extra help from specialized Boots XD)


12 feet in height + the weight is actually correct overall. Because a 12 feet thing made out of pure steel, metal, iron or whatever these mechs are made out of, are pretty light, so add the weapons and drones and stuff then boom. Also the modules have to be LIGHTER, because modules sounds like something that are extremely small, but its mech world, so yea probably a head-sized modules.

Weight and height would make sense if mythical, wouldn’t if parts are below legendary.

Also 12 feet is this tall


The pilot size should not be an issue to determine the mech size.
There are those mini-mechs in the game, right?
I think it is something like that Pumpkin-shape just that it shrinks the appearance of the mech instead.
So either there is a shrinking technology that shrinks the pilots so that they will fit the mechs anyway or the mechs are not piloted from inside but instead by remote control from outside.
As such in both cases the mechs do not need to be big enough to fit a human inside.


Maybe they are robots not mechs then?


Dont forget the mechs grow as you lvl them up, a max mythical is much taller than a level 1 basic mech


we are assuming that people are 6 feet what if they are like 4 feet tall instead lol


I have the solution!!!

The mechs’ average size (with legs, not rollers) is 20 meters!

The weight is so low because they have developed extremely light construction materials in that world!!!

Problem solved.



65 feet is too much for 1000kgs…

I HIGHLY doubt it’s 20m. Somewhere in the 5-7 meters range.


i could ride my mech like a car with legges


Extremely light materials - as I said. :rofl:

Alternatively we can start the discussion on other points:

  • Does 1 kg in that world have the same meaning as in ours?
  • Is gravity equally strong in their universe as in ours?
  • Does metal weight as much in their world as in ours?

If I continue to think about it I am sure I can find even more such questions that could influence the matter about the mech size.


Please, only contribute sensible replies here.

Not this non sense.

@CloudedSunrise lmfao, if only the world worked that way


i just think it is funny how some weapons may be shorter than my arm



yah like my 3rd mech tryed to used his gun like a sword on the main screen i dont have a screen shot
i think my mech is taller than buildings because in the campagin its recks bulids in one shit