How about badges in Supermechs? Like in the Forum?

If the community can, why not the game?

The thing is that in the game like the community you can earn badges and show them in an option.
The purpose of the badges is to make the game more competitive, everyone will want to earn badges to show off. There will be some easy to win and others difficult.

Better explanation:
In the configurations there will be an option where you say “badges” you enter and you will see the amount of badges and how to win them. (So that it is not so difficult) Once you win a badge this will give it to you right away and you can claim your reward by going to the option. (To lengthen the plot, there will be some badges blocked, like the pvp rewards of before, and you will have to take a certain amount of badges to unlock them and win them <-- Difficult)

How will it look in PvP?
The options or next to the mech there will be an option to see the badges of the others and you will see which ones are missing or as they are or whatever.

Examples of some badges:
-Play for FaceBook.
-Sell to Big boy x times.
-Complete the campaign with 3 stars.
-Have x quantity of weapons to the maximum.
-Play for a phone.
-Play more than 360 followed hours.

Now if they voted for "Yes, add rewards."
These would be a few rewards for earning badges.

  1. Easier:
    -The easy ones vary, for example: They can give you gold, tokens, items or XP.
    *10,000 gold, 15,000 or up to 30,000 gold.
    10 Tokens, 15 or up to 20 tokens.
    1 normal box, 3 normal boxes or up to 1 premium box.
    500 XP up to 2,000 XP

  2. Normal:
    -And as everyone knows, every time you increase the difficulty, they will give you more things.
    *Between 20,000 to 50,000 gold.
    *Between 20 Tokens up to 40 Tokens
    *Between 1 premium box up to 1 premium pack.
    *Between 1,000 XP up to 4,000 XP

  3. Difficult:
    -Now the most difficult, but with great prizes.
    *Between 80,000 to 200,000 gold (suggestions are accepted)
    *Between 50 Tokens up to 100 Tokens (Or more)
    *Between 3 premium box up to 1 premium pack (2 legendary guaranteed)
    *Between 3,000 XP up to 6,000 XP

If you are bitter and choose not to put rewards, forget the rewards statistics.

  • Yes, add rewards.
  • No, do not put rewards

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Without a doubt, it is my most complete topic among the others. I feel proud, you just need to approve it.

You’re just selfish if you use the word [quote=“Tomatiico, post:1, topic:9362”]
“2 legendary guaranteed”

So?, above says So?, above says So?, above says So?, above says So?, above says So?, above says So?, above says So?, above says [quote=“Tomatiico, post:1, topic:9362”]
(suggestions are accepted)

Lol You’re one of those guys, ok gotcha XD

why selfish ?

More difficult=higher reward

And considering the drop rate of legendary in premium racks…
Worse than a stroke X.X

@YGGM @TheTempest

Then what do I do? I remind you that it says you accept suggestions and not just criticism.

I personnaly find not that bad the rewards, considering the current game…

Maybe it will be totaly the contrary in some days/weeks/monthes…

But I asked him why do he says that’s selfishness, since I don’t see it there…

What would be the easiest medal to obtain is that not even a medal :confused:

And that is what I do not understand, selfishness? If you want to know what it means?

Jugar por Facebook.
Vencer al primer jefe 5 veces. al igual que el segundo y el tercero.
Farmear en cada mapa al menos 10 veces. Normal es una medalla, Hard es otra y Insane es otra. :wink:

Por ahí mas o menos sería la cosa. Se aceptan sugerencias Antonio. Saludos.

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good to beat each boss 5 times sounds interesting thank you

uh, the joy of speaking a non-native language…

why you’re selfish if you use that word ? ^^

Lol [quote=“YGGM, post:12, topic:9362, full:true”]
uh, the joy of speaking a non-native language…


You’re just selfish if you use the word
"2 legendary guaranteed"

why you’re selfish if you use that word ? ^^

Increasing the rate of dropping legendary is going to turn the game back before the update.

@YGGM, wanna see bad grammar? You can fix this person’s mistakes.

You can find a lot of grammar mistakes or words that need to be replaced. Have fun! :wink:

First of all, a selfish act is for the good of the one who does it. second Do you know that the premium pack is in the difficult? and almost all are blocked. Friend first reads, then argues that egoism is wrong, in addition to winning a premium pack in DIFFICULT mode, does not make Super Mechs literally broken and that the game is very easy.
Buddy, I use the translator, so do not blame me.

Lol, you think I didn’t finish the insane mode when they release the portal? It wasn’t that hard. SM’s definition of super difficult is each mech have 2k+ HP and physical weapons that do the same damage as maxed Annihilation. Yes, the definition was applied to one of the portals.

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The only reason that the update happened was that myth items can be get easily so anyone can be strong.

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Good thing you have finished a portal in insane mode, I congratulate you so much, your argument is amazing, 2k HP wow, I did not know !! is incredible!!! It is not possible … Please.
WOW did not know that the mythicals were getting easy. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING? You’re an admin, wow how long have you been here since 1945? I’m impressed by all this, it’s impressive. You are wonderfully wise, so wise that you emphasize the most obvious.

Lol, you’re being sarcastic.