How about a ranking/rewards for every rank


Hi all,

what if we would also reward some stuffs to top 3 rank 2 players, to top 3 rank 3 people etc.
That might be motivational.
Might very well be a bad idea as well (de-ranking guys).
Anyhow, some brainstorm wont hurt.



yes reward me pls


I like the idea of rewarding top players from other ranks, and do agree it would be motivational

Is this on basis of Arena wins?
The only problem would be, what if a Rank 5, is the best Rank 5, wins one game, and then becomes a mediocre Rank 4 (and vice versa, an okay Rank 5 becoming the best Rank 4 via a loss)…


I might agree on that one
However… I think that it should be only geting more reward for getting first time of each rank.


Hi my friend… I guess you answered to your idea yourself. De-ranking on the last day of the tournament would be the real plague… It would lead to some of the weirdest events in the arena…