How about a counter to Claw?

As we all know, The claw is the most Needed to get to the top ranks, Along with Plat. Platings, E-M Modules, Overpowered Usage weapons, Abuse weapons etc. Though a lot of people that has the right builds to counter one has either a Plat plating and Rolling or having a Claw themselves, So how about a Weapon that shreds HP? Apart from Nightfall, Annihilation, Spartan Carnage, Supreme Cannon, Terror Cry, Night Eagle, Malice beam, Last words, UltraBright, Hysteria, Valiant Sniper, Corrupt light, Abomination, Supreme cannon, Desolation, Dawnblaze and the L-M Weapons… Wait did I say them all… Anyways I know that builds that has been made to annihilate Claw users and depending on your play style and items, It can go amazingly well or horribly bad, So I was thinking of a HP drainer, Though having no uses but has 200-300 Damage and either a Phys or Heat. I can already see the replies to this massive block of text

Just stop while you’re ahead. This will not solve the imbalance issues we’re facing in this game. If anything this could horribly backfire on the user. (If said claw user or high hp user has it on).


So no Anti claw weapon…?


Would be quite pointless if your counter was countered. Eh?

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Huh True… Well this just wasted my time to type, Though I’m impressed I remembered all those names when I can’t even remember the password to Discord

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Mate, to be top ranks you need a combination of all the best items, be it weapons, utilities or modules.
Most important ones actually being the resistance modules (you can overcome the lack of plat plates by building counters).
There wont be a single item allowing you to contend with this. (Actually emp is such an item)

Roger that, I was planning to let this one died after I saw @Transcendant’s Reply cause

This made me thinking XD

This is why it helps to take your idea and see it from both sides. Think of how a weapon (or any item really) can be utilized not just by the counter(er) but also by the countered.

simple way of seeing how an item can stack up

Hmm… Will do, And while all this time surfing on forums I was farming on Hard, Stupid me

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L-m modules :wink:


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