How about a Clan war?


So…i already posted one of this but no one gave notice to it
why did i bring this up again?
As you all know HTK,Reign And Littlelost is the three Clans that take up the #3-#1 clan spots,Well,HTK can be knocked out by Reign but that is a long shot
This idea is for the Whole clan to help fight against everything!
The league ends at Friday,and so will the Clan war
A member that is rank 1 and another member from a different clan that is also rank 1 fights each other,The star won or lost shall be added to the Clan stars
Clan Stars are the members and leaders wins,if you lose one star will be knocked out,there is also a system where the most Stars in one clan takes the #1 spot if you quit the match you will lose 2 stars instead of 1,The max stars a clan can have is 10,000-1,000,it depends on what rank the members are,what rank the leader is and the Win/Loss ratio.
So for people who can’t read all of that cause of reasons AKA too lazy to read that all
Clan wars end with the League and its a Voluntary or Forced thing,the clans will fight other clans with the same win/loss ratio and quitting will make the clan lose 2 stars instead of 1 and also the number one spot will win 1Mil(?) and the #2-3 spot will win 500,000 and the number 1 spot will receive 2 Premium boxes,the #2 & 3 will receive only 1I know you just want to see HTK,Reign reinforged and Littlelost your lost Clash head on but maybe not

  • Yeah they should add that,its going to be so exciting!!!
  • It is a good idea but it has some flaws…i should write it down and correct it and be a intelligent person in this topic
  • Meh,I could care less about this stupid clan wars stuff,solo is better than clan wars

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Hoping this doesn’t get ignored like the last one


i won’t ignor it bro


Thanks man,that took way longer than i expected it to be


Money vs money = money


Clan War is a great idea, it would be amazing if they could make 2 (or 3) clan members of each clan fight each other at the same time. Same as current 2v2 or 3v3 but instead of your own mechs it is yours and other clan members one after the other. It would take work to implement but would be worth it.


We already have “Clan Wars” weekly :exclamation:

We fight each other anyways, that’s why HardToKill is at the moment the best Clan, WE win most of battles (= also best win-loss ratio) :grey_exclamation:



Yes thats why reign ref. Is rank 1 :slight_smile:


we have more medals than you, htk are nervous like the hatitube, we are quiet, Us 81 times Top 1, htk 8 times top1 oh that’s cute little htk


Everyone,i’m talking about a real clan wars!
as in when it starts it puts clan mates to fight other clan mates
Not the “Clan wars” we have right now

and i’m kinda sad with how many people hated my idea xD


You are funny … or not able to read :exclamation:


(news is from 25. Nov 2017, devs are not able to fix the date-issue since weeks)


You are also very funny … or not able to calculate, nor to read :exclamation:



@bestplayerintheworld,Please stop boasting about your clan always being #1



Yes seems he is drunken, cannot see the difference between 8 and 40 :grey_exclamation:



Are you able to read ?

  • I told you that we have already weekly Clan wars = the normal weekly Clan tournaments

  • @TechnoDive gave a false info about which clan is Nr 1

  • @grosboss tried to talk bs (as usual) and cut himself into the finger, not being able to see the difference between @HappyPoppers’s Clan Gold Medals and HardToKill’s Clan Gold Medals

  • @MrOneTwo saw this and thought @grosboss is drunken

AFTER that I gave all 3 some FACTS :exclamation:

So @0ld_Supermechs_User blame them … @TechnoDive, @grosboss, @MrOneTwo, NOT me :grey_exclamation:



Lol kk sorry for the misunderstanding


HTK is the first and only clan that held the #1 Position for a long time Reign is just weak compared to HTK and Little lost maybe a contender but not a threat to HTK
So don’t compare HTK with Little lost or RF


Llyl did actually , they are the original top 1 clan. As for bestie… She doesnt contribute to the clan much


[quote=“TechnoDive, post:18, topic:8200, full:true”]
they are the original top 1 clan.[/quote]

70 years ago


Do not talk about things you have no clue about :exclamation:



of course we are better, better to let bestyloser problem hysteria it is a serious disease and he believes for a god supermechs


They can’t even put up a rewards for the clans every week… why do you think they could or even want to implement our ideas?