How about a better reward at lvl 150?


As the title implies, How about a Guaranteed Legend item once you reached lvl 150 cause getting epics after all the time farming is wasted if you get a Homage after three days of farming just to get to lvl 110 (Yes that happened to me)


Level 110-120-130-140 and 150 deserve rewards of legendary items not epic items as is customary


yeah.I got an epic hook when I reached 110


I got the Desert Fury in level 100, I was so surprised that I opened my eyes so much that it seemed like they were going to leave me :rofl:


wow, i hope the up levels give me good rewards like my (around) level 60 box gave me which was VS
maybe such levels should be able to get guaranteed 100% legendary drops, no epics from the boxes since well the player worked so hard to get there


Lucky…The only… ONLY legend I got from level 30-137 was a Desert snake and it was just Evolve food soooo Yeah… Everything I got was crap…


i get nothing good from level up boxes


oh wrong thread sorry


yah just wait a second okay plus wrong thread


The only legendary i ever got from leveling up was past week, a bloody Platinum Plating for reaching level 140. That was my happyest day in SM after reloaded.

I’m at level 148 rn.


you luck bug good for you not really relevent but is it bad to be a level 131 and be at tank 9-7


I just want to say, getting to level 150 is super easy.


Yeaaaah… No… Noooo… I think it’s easy but in reality it’s a waste of time




I’d say a myth for an reward.


I’d say the levels be upped to LEVEL 1000 (or 200).

Level 200 is gonna be a random mythical item, only 1. No bonus items, no epics, no legendaries, only mythical item (Probably a mythical Archimonde)

Edit : Actually…





at level 60 i got legendary and 80 too




Like 4 days with power lvling…


I have calculated some stuff, Everytime you level up, the regular exp needed gets increased by the 1/8 needed by the next level.

Ex: Next level needs 500k exp, what’s the 1/8 of that? 50k (I’m lazy to do math, sorry)
Then the needed exp is gonna be 550k exp. That’s why from begginner it takes like SOO easy to level up, that EXP needed gets increased by 1/8 of it. Period.

Edit : Lol joke it’s actually super simple, when you level up, the exp needed increases just like that. starts from 50 exp needed (from level 1) then add up 1/8 of the last exp goal, and add it to itself
Ex: 50 exp, 1/8 of it is 13 (in whole number, no “.”) so 50+13 is 63 then so on :stuck_out_tongue: