How 2 refund boxes?


I probably got scammed by the SM team itself, i thought the “exchange” SM Coin thing for the new boxes was great and i thought it contained mythicals, but no, it doesn’t contain any mythicals infact only Epic and Legendary, is tehre any way to refund/sell items becasue i can’t clear my modules for the new inventory system… I used to have ~1m/2m Coins and i traded it for ~100+ boxes…


New items are added so you’re mythicals and your so called mythicals you were hoping for on the exchange are garbage. New myths are released and are far way stronger and are out of the norms. Just figure out the new update.


Well, i’ve upgraded one thing and it already ate half of my remaining Coins… doing battles barely gives me more coins anymore


Do campaign though it would take more than a few days to clear alot of your items. Epics and Legendary “legacy” items cost alot just to use. Fuse common, rare, and all of your rocket and bullet modules ( including myths ) as you won’t be needing ammo anymore.


So, Rockets and Bullets modules would be just useless? It doesn’t serve any purpose anymore?


No, none of the new items need rocket and bullet modules


Yeah, they’re just good for fusion especially myths.