How 2: Heat Mechs

Heat mechs are probably the most likely to get quit on when they overheat their enemies. I mean, are you going to stick around to see your mech get overheated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and easter egg over and over and over and over and over again until you lose? Sure, why not, let’s waste time doing that!

Here’s a tip, since I don’t want to put the heat mechs on full blast: Overheat your enemies slowly, so that they don’t quit on you. Let them think, “I’m going to win?” then towards the end, when it’s really close, overheat them, then kill them.

It’s like the art of seduction: would you rather date someone who slyly asks you out or someone who says, “I WANT TO DATE YOU AND THEN MARRY YOU AND…” other stuff :wink:

Ofc, this comes from an energy mech user, so this may be unreliable. :slight_smile:

There was so many over sorry i skip some.

I just keep my hp 1500 n play btw 2-5 ladder i find more opponents. Some With avenger torso n 2 epic plate 2k hp ppl quit often.