HOT SALE! Discount on premium boxes


The next 2 were all epics.



А что делать с диапазоном про образование?


How are you people even doing this?!? I don’t even have the tokens for a box :sob:

Can someone please donate me 600 tokens? I will give them 2000 respeccs.


What I do is I farm tokens then wait for the sale


What do you mean “farm tokens”?


From the 2v2 campaign and the daily thing and the campaign and the raid


And what if I completed the campaign already? And please don’t bring up raids. Screw raids.


The 2v2 too that’s um fun okay the daily thing do that


If you dont want to do raids, then you can expect to not get tokens


Screw raids.


When you have no tokens for 1 box, then you don’t play enough, you play very less.
Stop playing you will not get anything good, when you have no tokens.

Heh “they” spent cash, and daily tokens, i mean all, too “screwed” raids:D


I’ll give you a luck next time Chicken.


now that is tooooooooooooooooooo many legenderys


I was planning to buy 6500 tokens but judging Misfits drops its not worth. All those tokens for just one claw? TS is doing really bad


Thanks GOD!:slight_smile:


Wha…are you serious?


I guess that this happened.


I will make a great opening boxes to you guys!:smiley:


Smh…i have a feeling that we both have a luck on these premium packs.


Just found out if I want have good luck I must create my own sale topic next time :wink: