HOT SALE! Discount on premium boxes


2 epic, 1 legendary = Abomination

better than nothing


wot i opened a premium pack and got 5 epics you should be happy you got a windigo and a proteccer
m y l u c k s u c k s


I’m speechless.

I don’t know what to say.

I had long since accepted it as a reality it would never happen for me.

given up.

I dropped 6.5k tokens on the sale opening prem packs. I was on my last pack. I was about to accept yet another usless result.

here’s my last box:


finally got my claw \m/


FINALLY!!! :laughing:

Here we go… :sunglasses:


But… no… DOUBLE NO!!! :sweat_smile:


I can’t open those boxes… with that meager amount of gold and lack of inventory space…


Give me all Cries I only opened one the entire time and got legend food


Farm portal with refills for legendaries > Prenium boxes

Portal will be brutally nerfed right after i post this i bet


I’m still planning on sitting out this sale and saving tokens for the next few portals. I know from experience I never get anything good from premium packs, which is unlikely to change even if they do nerf portals.


Nice job,see how it works when we tell you that you will get it.


Well…rip me…I spent my tokens on the new paint


Why does it cost 100 tokens for you to upgrade inventory space?..does it go up every time you expand it?




Yes, every time you expand your inventory the next time will cost 5 tokens more if I remember correctly.


That sucks…why tacticsoft? Why?..first boxes and now inventory space


Very true indeed.


Inventory became expensive before the boxes.
The costs for inventory space were implemented with the purge… I mean the reload of SM with the new powerful items at that time.


Hmm, simple question Sale or IP… tomorrow…:question:
SURELY IP… good luck with buying tokens for refills :sunglasses:

Edit :

Good maketing strategy @Tacticsoft :face_with_monocle:

1. They bought high token’s cost paints,
2. 2 days after 20% ale, no tokens cuz of previous, (need to buy) :atm:
3. Next day IP, no tokens for refills cuz of previous (need to buy) :atm:

Nice earning :money_mouth_face:


Hehe…I have back up, I haven finished the new portal so I can get the tokens when I need then and I have clan fuel box ready and untouched


How much more time until it ends


You do realize that it is written all over the game, right? In almost 16 hours


Today is my lucky day