Hot/bugfix coming soon?

I remember reading somewhere on the forums that a temporary fix was coming within a week to various problems/bugs. Wondering if there is any truth behind that.

Well like you said in the title…

It’s coming “soon”.



By soon they mean 10 years after halflife 3 is released , the update will be released too , bet you understand my point

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SOON breaks down to some day aka how long did it take to get the paint colors back?
hehe that’s how long it may take :grin:

Well it looks like a small update was made reducing premium box price by 50% (75 tokens now) and adding back in random sale pop-ups.
Of course they didn’t refund the tokens spent on already purchased premium boxes…

They reduced the price, but you can now only get 1 item in there.

and nerfed big boy’s item reward (2 epic items down to 1 epic)

Are you sure about that random sale pop ups? I still haven’t seen it.

Why should they refund tokens spent on premium boxes? 150 for 2 items is basically the same as 75 for 1 item.

Ohhh, do you mean for anyone who bought premium boxes, but stockpiled them for future opening, such as a ‘sale’ or ‘double mythic chance’ type event?

Hah I didn’t think of that, but yea that would SUCK. hahah
Makes me glad I cracked open every single reserve box, including campaign achievement reward boxes.

Hmm, the more I think on this, the more it sucks. So now the people who log in and have to exchange their old currency for new currency/premium crates… do they only get half the items for the same currency equivalence compared to those of us who played and made that one time exchange during this 2 week window from big update to this recent patch?

I have access to an old account with 125 million old credits worth 25 million new gold/X amount of premium crates… did the value of all that old currency suddenly get cut in half, in terms of converting that currency into new premium crates?

And in future limited time offer sales that really like to offer premium crates, did the value of these offers get reduced? I recall buying the $19.99 special offer for gold/tokens/5 premium crates at the launch of this new SM reloaded update. If I see that offer again, the value of those 5 crates has been halved, hasnt it.

Positive, was offered a 25% of the $20 package when I went into campaign.