Hope/Gerry/Seductive Individual

Calling out Hope for future teams/eras:

If you want a team player have I got the guy for you!

  1. Readily stabs his team to join a better one.
  2. Spams relics for stats!
    3.Snipes teammates for conquers and wrecks.
  3. Loses Army multiple times due to sleep.
  4. Is a Snake.
  5. Is a medal whore.
  6. I should have listened to Horo.

In conclusion if you want a valuable teammate who does what hes told and plays with intelligence Hope is the guy for you.

If you dont get sarcasm you were dropped as a child.

no need for hate

he is good deep down i think

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plus you kicked horo…

she left, make love off #20characters

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Horo left Flux alliance. Horo was not kicked :slight_smile:



well hope may be a backstabber but we should still be constructive :wink:

oh and NaNo shall fall!

NaNo, Wri, and Mo shall never fall!

tbh Mo is kinda sad to look at :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you Tywin Lannister on E1?.

P.S. Mo is not sad to look at :stuck_out_tongue: Its beautiful

Why am i sad to look at? :confused:


All HOPE is lost. Give it up


no it’s me arius :slight_smile:

Fear not. I will win the era


who are you ig…

That’s admin abuse right there fellas!

Can we all start spamming josh now?!

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I HOPE you guys had fun on M1

Cockroaches gonna cockroach?


Jazz, Hope had twice the score as 2nd best player and you tried to deny him rank 1???

I wouldn’t blame him for what he did… I don’t think I would have done anything different than what he did either… :I

He may be a lot of what you mentioned… but if I was leading and he was all that, I would have restrained him while the era was running… He boosted hard enough for his rank… If you had restrained him earlier, he wouldn’t have boosted hard either…

You shouldn’t have posted this spat publicly. He played hard for you. He deserved that much… It was always your choice to never play with him ever…

Have a heart!

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