Honkai Impact 3rd Armada is looking for members

looking for players of rank 15 and higher
lower ranks can e mail me at [email protected] for consideration
must get 20 wins a week and help with the titan


Well well well, we finally have a anime themed clan.


It was bound to happen sooner or later


I thought this was the game or something and I was about to message you bro :rofl::rofl:

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well honkai is my favorite anime/game so I had to

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Your answer will determine if i play the game or not

is it from a anime/manga or is it just a randomly made anime game

If your clan if full of girls and Valkyries, then yes i will join your clan

both actually but it was a game first then go a spin off anime, a vary good 3D action anime game with the best story I have ever seen!

my screenshots look blurry because i have a potato phone and have to play on the lowest graphic settings

here is a video
it is on pc and mobile

dam I wish but its ok for you to join just search it up its an open clan now