Honestly I think you guys make huge mistake


Ok on this new arena shop i think I find a pretty big mistake.

In the pic below the heat have a plus button instead of the minus…Is that mistake or did you guys do that on purpose. I circle the plus sign so you can see it easier @Sarah247


Honestly someone miscalculated on that one IMHO

That should be minus sign in there for the heat.

@Fluxeon he know what im talking about…right fluxeon ?


What’s wrong with that? It’s trying to say “More Heat Damage”… More… so a plus sign. :slight_smile:


You add heat to overheat them. You subtract energy to drain them. It makes sense. The current signs make sense.


add energy, drain heat :joy:


Shooting opponent …

Opponent lose Energy

Opponent get Heat

… Energy (-) and Heat (+) work different.

I think it is right as it is :exclamation:



But it should be minus just like electric…less heat




Fluxeon …what + heat do you have ?

If i may ask lol


No, you don’t take away someone’s heat. You add to their heat to overheat them.


They not even notice if they change it to minus sign. :slight_smile:


Now I think more about it Fluxeon probably advised them to do this…the shame


Wait…that’s the left side of the arena shop,right?and the left side has “+ energy cap”,"+heat cap,"+phys dmg,and "+phys resist…from what I can remember

You add your heat cap,why a minus sign?

Edit:I’m wrong.It’s actually the right side.




Listen you seem like nice guy and all but i dont have time to teach you math.


50 PM


That look perfect :slight_smile:


thx use that on your mech and use your heat mech to drain my heat


Drain heat:it will drain your opponents heat until the opponent’s temperature until it reaches -50 C°,then your opponent gets frozen and cannot move


Add energy: add your opponents energy until your opponents is over powered than explode


Of course heat weapons subtract heat why else would they be :b:️e :b:️lue :joy: