Honest challenge - Lightest mech


Am i win ?


i don’t see anything about filling all slots


What about mine I think it the lightest mech in the world :))))))))))))))))))))




I am happy to find that there was a person who knew the real lightest build in the world. My man, @Soylent


Exactly. No one knew or bothered to check


No you lose I won ur mechs weighs 4 kg more than me




But you made this competition according to workshop unlimited thts not fair


I didn’t actually say the words “Unlimited workshop”

But yeah, I guess you’re right.

@SantaClemente wins the thingy!


No bro win or loss doesnt matter. The best thing is that you made me aware of this fact that armour annihlator weighs 20kg so Thank You…


No I win :3




whats the flaw, winz?


@trophy435 @Winz_Kay

Armor Annihi weighthed 17kg, before a “Balance update” for Resistance drainers, which came out a bit before Basalt Dissolver…And this “Update” added 5 resistance drain to myth along 3 more Kgs…

(and the update’s poster also teased the Basalt and Blizzard Dissolvers)


So technically we were right about the lightest mech


wait, where is mine, i could have sworn that i did one


still didnt get that flaw.



Thanks for the revive.
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally appreciate it.

Much thanks Much wow.