Honest challenge - Lightest mech


I dare you to build the lightest mech


I bet you can’t.

1kg teleport not allowed.

Trust me, you can’t beat the build I have in mind.

No, it’s not a trick. Just make it.

I will post the lightest mech soon.

I took this idea from @MCG_567_YT but I found a flaw


Are special items I mean the sprites which are not in game allowed?


Yes they are


Is it compulsory to fill all the slots?


Yes, I forgot to mention that


@Winz_Kay It only weighs 711kg


You are wrong! Next!

And also, no fan sprites… soz I change my mind. Has to be legit.


Ok Then tell me where I used fan sprites?


I didn’t say you did. I was just announcing “No fan sprites”


Then how am I wrong I used all the lightest parts?


You’ll have to figure it out or wait until someone else figures it out or wait until I announce it.

You’ll be disappointed 100%


Wait a minute…Won’t u use legacy to build mech? It’s will so unfair.


Hmm @Winz_Kay Legacy items are not allowed



He told to fill all the slots :smiley:


that can win or all the slots have to be filled up
by the way like that cute little bunny profile pic


4 repulsers


No Repulsers weigh 18kg on the other hand Armour Breaker weighs 17kg


Try to beat it :stuck_out_tongue:


when did armor annihilators weigh 17 kg wth