Hommage to this one player

Hi all,

There is one player who never stops to amaze me, wanted to share this with you all.
So after the release of the claw, top ranks completely changed; after appearance of the EMP, it also changed a little.
Of course within the historical top players, the ones who got their share of claws are still around, besty is as OP as ever. But we witnessed a rarification of historical top player within current tops.

There is this one mate, who didnt get claw, who is not using EMP, and who is still raming top ranks like nothing changed. Got a medal 2 seasons ago and is steady top 10. Thats @Algerianno for you.
Mate, much respect.



You should give him an LG medal.


Thank you for this, you are also a distinguished and strong player.



Never underestimate a fookin’ Legacy player mate, and a legacy player who has been a fookin’ legend.


Well thats exactely my point mate… didnt get you here.

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When I was still in rank 16-11, I would always see this guy in rank 1, and try to base my legendary and epic noob builds off his after watching replays- of course I didn’t have the items, but I tried XD

This being 7 months ago, it just shows how long this guy has been on the top ranks through every good and bad update
It seems that a lion (a fighter) is a very appropriate profile picture for him.


Good pick. Hes probably one of the best in the history of the game. Hes lurcking in top 10 since years mate, 7 month is nothing :slight_smile:

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سلام انا من الجزا[quote=“Algerianno, post:3, topic:17659, full:true”]
Thank you for this, you are also a distinguished and strong player.


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Welcome mounsef, I’m from Annaba and you?