Hmm... Yeah, this build seems just about right

Energy-Free Energy Build = Very thought out and very cancerous if used in Arena… Absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong!

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A totally fair mech design (without arena buffs, too)

What about heat free energy?

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you shut we dont want more counters

haha energy mech with energy free armor hoho you can laugh now

It’s unfortunate that you won’t actually be able to use the weapons on it

@ooff_lord @WTFriday

Fools… You have forgotten the true power that lies in this very room… A force more than capable enough to take down any physical foe with no effort at all… I present to you…

This absolute piece of [redacted]!

frantic users say this is an easy fight

Only if they are able to withstand the weight of their sins crawling down their spines


I feel like you’re giving frantic users a bad time. Maybe you like giving judgement to people who commit genocide on our braincells, or maybe it’s just humerus to you. Hope you understand @Whiteout.

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tru tru

Now, now… We wouldn’t want this conversation to get heated over just a few skeletons of puns, now would we? I mean, who doesn’t love a humerus joke that gets you right in the funny bone… But overdoing it would be giving others quite the bad time that gives them cringe that shakes them down to the bone.

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Tibia honest, they aren’t the best. They are humerus, but had no spine. To anyone who knows what we mean, bone appetit. I got a bone to pick with you.

To whoever doesn’t get what we’re doing, you are definitely boned are most likely going to have a bad time when the next Spooktober comes around because the skelejudge will be judging you and the sins that crawl down your spine. Tonight, there will be spooky, scary skeletons sending shivers down your spine.

spooky scary skeleton will give you a bad time
being judged with broken soul

you wont get my bro’s spaghetti this time